MTN - Pilot Ranks
Pilots that have earned this award:

Participation in 20 official group flights

Pilot Awards
Award Callsign Name Date Granted
Group20 MTN001 Gary Widup 2012-04-08
Group20 MTN005 Verne Cotton 2012-05-20
Group20 MTN115 Lance Andrus 2013-02-03
Group20 MTN578 Robert Patton II 2012-05-27
Group20 MTN1738 Brad Metzler 2012-10-07
Group20 MTN2071 Mike Deihl 2012-04-08
Group20 MTN2124 Skip Ricker 2012-09-02
Group20 MTN2245 John Downen 2014-06-09
Group20 MTN2451 Glen Brown 2014-06-10


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